About us

Mountain Up Cap Company is a veteran founded and operated lifestyle cap company. Inspired by patriotism, adventure, and selfless service, Mountain Up strives to make awesome caps for any situation, any time, and any place. Our caps are about a journey and climbing to glory. Let us be a part of your journey at www.mountainup.us.


Our Founders and Leadership 

Ryan Patrick Hunt, CEO and Founder.  He is the guy who makes the magic happens.  He is the creative energy behind Mountain Up Cap Company. He is a veteran of the Army with multiple deployments to Iraq and Bosnia.   In high school, he wrestled and played football.  In the Army, he was just plain awesome.  E-mail him direct at ryan_hunt@mountainupcapcompany.com   



Dee Ray Daines Sr., Director Business Development & Company Executive Officer.  The "Grump Ol' Veteran" is the guy who knows how to chat your ear off and it is mostly about how he walked 5-miles to school every morning.  He is a veteran of the Army who served in Germany or should we say West Germany during the Cold War.  As a young lad, he got into constant trouble, traveled the globe, and may have been married to an Air Force Veteran.  

Devin Lovgren, COO and VP of Sales and Marketing. 

Chelly Mariano, VP of Global Supply Chain. 

Chelly is the foundation of our company directing manufacturing and other supply chain activities across the globe.

David Bland, CMO and VP of Strategic Communication.

My name is David Bland, I grew up in Gloucester, Virginia. When I was 19 I joined the army, which was 2005. I was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC and went on two deployments to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division. I was then stationed at Fort Bliss, TX where I did a short 6-month tour to Iraq. I got out of the Army in 2013 and I have been going to school working toward my Masters in Organizational Psychology.





Employment Opportunities

We have a pledge to hire and out source to veterans where we can.  We are always looking for graphic designers, brand ambassadors, and affiliates.  Come join the team by e-mailing us your resume with cover letter to info@mountainup.us.