The Strike (502nd PIR) Coyote Premium Cap is a premium six-panel coyote twill cap.  This cap features the Strike in the front of the cap, an American Flag on the right side.   This cap will have a velcro snapback.   Please advised this is a pre-order and we reserve the right to make changes on the final cut to make it more awesome.

Disclaimer:  Pre-order and not a trucker cap.   Six-panel twill cap.  Change 1:  flag is not pictured currently on rendering.  It will fly correctly and bed subdued.

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6.00 (in)
6.00 (in)

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Strike cap

Stan Neu on May 22nd 2018

The cap is great looking, well put together and just cool. I have worn it since it arrived. It has been rained on and held together so it is well made and fits well